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Below is a list of frequently asked questions.  If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us.


What does the annual membership fee include?

Your annual fee includes attendance at all of our events (breakfast programs and roundtables events) at no additional charge, access to online event presentations from previous programs, access to our LinkedIn members-only group, and access to benefits from the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) at USC's Marshall School of Business as part of our strategic partnership with them.

What types of events does HRLF host?

HRLF currently hosts several types of events including:

Breakfast Programs, which typically feature a guest speaker on a strategic, thought-provoking topic. These sessions also provide time for members to exchange ideas and discuss practical applications and HR best practices. Breakfast programs are open to all HRLF members and approved guests.

Roundtable Groups are held separately for corporate practitioner members and service providers.

  • Roundtable Groups for corporate practitioner members:  Two roundtable groups meet on a regular basis: the Senior HR Roundtable and the Talent Management Roundtable.  Corporate members may attend one, or both roundtables depending on their interest.  Prospective members may attend free of charge (no guests, alternates of substitutions please).  Roundtable meetings are informal, facilitated conversations about best practices within member organizations.
  • Roundtable Groups for service providers:  One roundtable group meets on a regular basis free of charge (no guests, alternates of substitutions please).  Meetings are informal and provide opportunities for best practice sharing and cross-networking for the purpose of business development.

How will I receive information about events?

HRLF usually sends 3-4 emails per month requesting some type of response from you. The sooner you respond, the fewer emails you receive. Most emails provide information about upcoming events, and a response indicating your ability to attend is appreciated and encouraged.  We provide our hosts with a final count of attendees 3-5 days in advance and having an accurate number of attendees helps us keep our costs down.  Once you have responded for an event, you will receive a confirmation email and will be reminded of your attendance, via email, 2-3 days in advance of the event.

Event information, including past presentations, is also available to members on the HRLF website here.

Does HRLF offer continuing education credits for its programs?

As part of the HR Certification Institute’s support for continuing education programs for human resource professionals, they have joined with HRLF to remind certified members of the self-reporting option available to them for recertification credits based on the criteria outlined in the Recertification Handbook . For those sessions that meet the stated program requirements, members can self-report HRLF breakfast programs using the online recertification application!

May I bring a guest to HRLF events?

To maintain the integrity of our mission to provide an environment for convenient and meaningful professional development for senior HR leaders, we strive to tailor our sessions to the needs of senior-most HR leaders. However, members may find it useful from time to time to invite a corporate guest to hear a speaker or participate in a discussion that is particularly relevant to their business challenges.

All guests must be accompanied by a member. No alternates, substitutions, or unaccompanied guests are allowed.  Each guest is limited to a maximum of two meetings per calendar year.  Currently, HRLF has a freeze on service provider memberships and is unable to approve any guests who are service providers.

If you are an HRLF member and you would like to bring a corporate guest, please include your guest's name, title, company and email address in your registration request.  The membership committee is responsible for approving guest requests for each meeting.  Please allow 3 business days for a response to your request.  Guests, not eligible for membership, who are approved, will be charged $50 to attend the breakfast programs.

Does HRLF offer a job posting board?

We do not have an official job placement function other than ability to post open positions in our LinkedIn members-only group (see job board section of group site). However, our corporate members and service providers are well-connected in the Atlanta community and often willing to help colleagues in transition. Note: New corporate members must be employed at the time of joining HRLF.

How can I participate as a volunteer?

We are always in need of dedicated volunteers.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the HRLF Executive Office.