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About Membership

What makes HRLF unique?

HRLF is a nonprofit professional association and network of human resource executives and senior-level HR professionals.

With this exclusive, strategically-focused membership,
HRLF offers a unique forum for sharing ideas and information
within a community of peers.

Our members are typically attracted to HRLF because they are strategically minded, intellectually engaged in the profession and look forward to exchanging ideas. Members represent a wide range of industries, and the topics addressed during meetings are based on input received from members. For example, recent topics have included strategies and practices in the following areas:

  • HR Strategy/Planning
  • Talent Management
  • Leadership Development
  • Building a Strategic HR Function
  • Organizational Effectiveness

Why be a member of HRLF?

  • Beliefs: We believe that senior HR leaders can help other leaders who have a strategic business focus. HRLF is an executive forum organized to share information with other human resource leaders.
  • Specific, focused membership: We limit our membership to a 75/25 ratio of corporate people to service providers. We seek strategic thinkers, who are business-oriented. (Currently, we have a freeze on service provider memberships) We are looking for the top HR person and the top corporate HRD person in your organization.
  • Quality programming: Our programs are strategic, yet practical and include HR best practices. There is no cost for members to attend these meetings. Information about the topic, dates and times, biography of the speaker, and directions can be reviewed on the event calendar.
  • Continuing education: As part of the HR Certification Institute’s support for continuing education programs for human resource professionals, they have joined with HRLF to remind certified members of the self-reporting option available to them for recertification credits based on the criteria outlined in the Recertification Handbook. For those sessions that meet the stated program requirements, members can self-report HRLF breakfast programs using the online recertification application!
  • Sharing among peers: We have created small, invitation-only special networking groups: Senior HR Executive Roundtable, Small Cap HR Roundtable, and the Senior Talent Management Roundtable. Others may be added.
  • Networking and support: We do not have an official job placement function, but our members – both corporate and especially the service providers, are well connected in the Atlanta community. If someone should lose a job, HRLF members are usually very willing to help each other (note: we do not allow any new members to “ join” if they currently do not have a job, and do not encourage job seekers to come to meetings unless they are already members).

What does the annual membership fee include?

Your annual fee includes attendance at all of our events (breakfast programs and roundtables events) at no additional charge, access to online event presentations from previous programs, access to our LinkedIn members-only group, and access to benefits from the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) at USC's Marshall School of Business as part of our strategic partnership with them.

What types of events does the HRLF host?

HRLF currently hosts several types of events including:

Breakfast Programs, which typically feature a guest speaker on a strategic, thought-provoking topic. These sessions also provide time for members to exchange ideas and discuss practical applications and HR best practices. Breakfast programs are open to all HRLF members and approved guests.

Roundtable Groups are held separately for corporate practitioner members and service providers.

  • Roundtable Groups for corporate practitioner members:  Three roundtable groups meet on a regular basis: the Senior HR, Small Cap HR, and the Talent Management roundtables.  Corporate members may attend one, or all the roundtables depending on their interests.  Prospective members may attend free of charge (no guests, alternates of substitutions please).  Roundtable meetings are informal, facilitated conversations about best practices within member organizations.
  • Roundtable Groups for service providers:  One roundtable group meets on a regular basis free of charge (no guests, alternates of substitutions please).  Meetings are informal and provide opportunities for best practice sharing and cross-networking for the purpose of business development.

Membership Criteria

Our current membership focus is:

  • Medium to large organizations or divisions (more than 1,000 employees) - the top HR and talent executive, who has demonstrated strategic responsibility in that current role or a previous role, vice presidents who have broad HR generalist strategic responsibilities or vice presidents who have strategic OD/OE/Talent Management and/or Learning responsibilities.
  • Small organizations or division headquarters of large, complex organizations (less than 1,000 employees) - only the top HR executive and only if the leader has demonstrated strategic HR responsibility in that role or a previous role.
  • Service provider membership consists of individuals representing organizations, which provide human resources services to businesses. Note: Our bylaws require that at least 75% of our members consist of corporate members. At this time we have a freeze on accepting new service providers as members.

Apply Now


HRLF's corporate membership fee is $425.00 and the service provider membership fee is $750.  Individual annual membership is for one calendar year (January 1st through December 31st) and includes the member's attendance at all HRLF events.  Once your application is received and reviewed by the membership committee, you will be contacted via e-mail regarding your application status.  If accepted, you will be invoiced for the annual membership fee.
NOTE: Dues are prorated after July 15th for new members to include the remainder of the current calendar year and all of the following calendar year.